Lack of sleep,
an epidemic.

The US Center for Disease Control has described sleep deprivation as a "public health epidemic" linked to a wide array of health issues.

In the US 70 million people struggle with insomnia, and globally the number is 237 million. NeurosomTM, has developed a noninvasive therapy to improve sleep.

Read the papers:

- Focal limbic sources create the large slow oscillations of the EEG in human deep sleep- Transcranial Electrical Stimulation targeting limbic cortex increases the duration of human deep sleep

Our Scientific  Solution: Targeted Stimulation

Comprehensive evaluation in clinic, treat your sleep at home

NeurosomTM has invented a Deep Sleep improvement solution with patented targeting technology that uses electrical stimulation to boost the time spent in restorative deep sleep.

NeurosomTM Sleep Therapy is applied by the user, at home, through a headband that is worn during sleep. The headband system uses EEG and machine learning to accurately track the user’s sleep cycles, and it applies painless electrical stimulation to facilitate sleep onset as well as extend and enhance deep sleep.